Release date: 3 November 2010

For use with: PlayStation 3

Watch, share and discover a new world of film masterpieces with MUBI.

  • MUBI features a uniquely curated library of films for movie lovers, from hidden gems to classic cinema, foreign hits and independent festival winners; each film has been chosen because of its unique cinematic quality.
  • For the low subscription price of £2.99 a month, you have access to a constantly evolving selection of 30 hand-picked movies.
  • A new film is added to your collection every day while the oldest in the selection is removed, creating an online film festival just for you.
  • Every film is available to watch for 30 days after it is added to your selection, keeping your movie watching experience fresh and exciting.
  • With Facebook and PlayStation Network friends list integration you can share your cinematic discoveries and viewing experiences, become a fan of a film, rate it or recommend it.
  • Find out everything you wanted to know about a director who has captured your imagination, and discover something new by checking out which films your friends have been watching.
  • Download the MUBI application for free from PlayStation Store, or go to TV/Video Services > [My Channels] on the XMBTM Menu and install MUBI directly from there.




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