Release date: 2 October 2009
Developer: EA SPORTS
Publisher: EA SPORTS


FIFA 10 delivers a true football experience with authentic licenses and new tailored gameplay offering the most complete football simulation.

Various elements of gameplay have been enhanced to give a more responsive and fluid experience.

New Team Styles allow you to tailor the way your team plays and counter the style of your opponents accordingly. As well as nine attacking and five defensive styles, there are 13 special team styles based on how those teams play in the real world, for even greater levels of authenticity.

Before each match, your coach will advise you on your opponent's style of play and key players to watch out for, giving you key insights into learning about the opposition teams and how to beat them.




Re: fifa 14 is the worst game made. scripted

Posted By adidi53

Updated: 06/09/2014

Re: ps4 not playing fifa correctly, EA say its my console

Posted By JediRabbit

Updated: 29/08/2014

Rif.: PlayStation Launch Days of The Past

Posted By cantasant

Updated: 12/12/2013

Re: Fifa 14? More like fifa 10

Posted By andrew5343

Updated: 26/10/2013

Re: Your final PS3 PICKS and your present collection

Posted By castaway666

Updated: 03/09/2013

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PlayStation Mobile has arrived

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