Space Channel 5 - Part 2

Space Channel 5 part 2 packshot anz
Suitable for general audiences
Release date: 12 February 2003
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega


A wonderfully entertaining game, with loads to keep you boogying till the early hours.

Ulala's back in action, and ready to save the universe through the medium of dance once more. After seeing off nefarious space nasties the Morolians by shakin' her booty in the last outing, Ulala must face another group of intergalactic toe-tapping terrorists who have designs on world domination. Using a special 'dance ray' that mesmerises people, the evil invaders are hell-bent on taking over the world, and the only thing coming between them is Ulala - and some pretty funky dance moves.

The sassy pink-haired swingin' reporter must battle with a series of bad guys, all commanded by a mysterious black jumpsuit-clad leader, by mimicking his every move. Retaining the energetic feel of the original, Space Channel 5 Part 2 looks and plays even better than ever.

In a similar vein to Parappa the Rapper, Space Channel 5 Part 2 has a kind of 'Simon Says' style of gameplay. Unlike other dance games, such as the classic Bust A Groove, in which you need to hit buttons that correspond with an onscreen display, Space Channel 5 shouts instructions out to you. So, the baddie that you're battling with will make some moves and yell out which buttons you'll need to press to imitate him. Controlling Ulala, you'll need to listen carefully, and then duplicate the moves in the same rhythm.

In addition to the cries of 'up!', 'down!' and other such malarky from the space terrorists, Ulala also must also 'chu' (shoot) the bad guys by hitting the X button, and free captured people using the Circle button accompanied by a hearty 'hey!'.

It might sound tricky, but after a little bit of practice, you'll be throwing some shapes with the best of 'em. Once you've mastered the basics, you can move onto harder manoeuvres, and stages. If you follow the steps in time, you'll zap bad guys with your ray gun, or free the enslaved citizens, who will join your ever-increasing dancing troops.

Whilst gyrating like mad to save the universe, Ulala must also make sure she holds onto her viewers, and a counter in the corner of the screen lets you know how she's doing. If her ratings start to fall, Ulala will lose her energy, and start to slow down. But if you do well and increase her audience figures, she'll perk up, and secret paths and more upbeat music will be played.

If you thought that Ulala was just a damn-fine dancer, think again. She's also something of a songstress and muso to boot. The Rhythm and Lyric battle modes allow you to pit yourself against the baddies through the power of Ulala's voice and strumming skills. So it's not simply a case of being the greatest dancer, you've also got to prove you've got what it takes to beat your opponents in guitar face-offs and singing challenges.

After something of an overhaul, the graphics look brand-spanking new, and have swapped the original backgrounds for an altogether more impressive 3D environment. Ulala and her companions have a new range of colourful outfits to unlock as you progress through the game, and there's a Changing Room for selecting additional frocks, which can be earned by completing stages and playing for a certain amount of time. The game looks pleasingly retro, with a swinging 60s Austin Powers feel to the proceedings, and psychedelic surroundings and environments.

Whether you're a die-hard dance game demon, or just enjoy thoroughly entertaining gameplay, Space Channel 5 Part 2 will have you shaking your thang faster than you can say 'Chu-Chu-Chuuuuu!'. It's a wonderfully entertaining game, with loads to keep you boogying till the early hours.


  • The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, makes a digitised appearance dancing alongside Ulala

  • Take part in 'Rhythm Battles', in which Ulala takes control of a musical instrument and plays in time with her opponent

  • Give Ulala's singing voice a workout in the 'Lyrics Battle' mode

  • Additional two player mode allows you and a friend to play co-operatively

  • 100 funky levels to get down in




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