Pro Evolution Soccer 2

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Suitable all ages
Release date: 23 October 2002
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami


Widely hailed as the game of choice for the discerning football fan

Widely hailed as the game of choice for the discerning football fan, the original Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami has kept gamers entranced with its challenging gameplay and highly authentic matches. Now, nearly one year on, PES returns to the pitch with a sequel that's packed with new gameplay improvements and game modes that will send its avid supporters over the moon with joy. Choose from a wide selection of national and club teams and lead them to victory in a number of cup and league competitions, or just grab seven other friends and two Multitaps for an extremely hectic bout of simultaneous eight-player action.

Even if you consider yourself a true professional, however, we'd advise that you take a trip over to the brand new Umbro Pro Training Centre to perfect your passing, ball possession, dribbling and free kick skills. With a detailed tutorial and six (plus one secret) incredibly taxing minigames, you'll soon be in a position to run rings around the opposition.

This won't be exclusively down to receiving this admittedly helpful lesson in footballing excellence, as the controls have now been carefully tweaked to ensure that you have the maximum amount of control of your players. For example, dribbling is no longer limited to eight basic directions; with careful manipulation of the analog stick and clever use of the variable dash speeds it's now possible to bamboozle the defence with a stunning run full of deft twists and turns.

You'll need all the help you can get if you wish to succeed against the taxing computer opposition that faces you in the game's numerous league and cup competition modes. As you'd expect, you can compete for a number of international trophies, some with certain continental restrictions (you won't be able to lead Denmark to glory in the Asia Cup, for example), but the real test, as before, lies in the Master League. Starting in the lowly third division, you, as any club team you choose, must take a decidedly average squad all the way to the top through a combination of skilful play and shrewd purchases on the transfer market.

Virtual football really doesn't come much better than this - while other titles may be preferable for those seeking a glossy, instant experience, PES2 is all about working hard to get the ball in the back of the net. If your idea of a great soccer game is one that encourages you to perform intricate passing manoeuvres, genuinely tricky runs, carefully timed tackles and perfectly placed shots, then you'll find no equal to Pro Evolution Soccer 2.


  • Improved animation allows for more realistic player movement and responses

  • Expanded Master League mode now incorporates three divisions

  • Hone your skills at the Umbro Pro Training Centre

  • Features updated squads and official FIFPro licence




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