Twisted Metal: Black Online

Release date: 1 October 2003
Developer: Incog Inc. Entertainment
Publisher: SCEE


Prepare for another bout of motor-smashing mayhem, as insane driving game Twisted Metal: Black gets an online overhaul.

Featuring enough adrenaline-soaked action to keep you gaming till the small hours, TM:B Online is a fuel fanatics' dream. For those familiar with the original outings, Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal World Tour, this latest installment to the series takes the tried and tested formula into a whole new arena.

Pitting some of the craziest cars you're ever likely to come across in an all-out fender-bending face-off, this auto-carnage caper sees fifteen modified motors battling it out in a race to the death. Well, sort of...

Get behind the wheels of a variety of tarmac-tearing vehicles and take out the opposition - all with the help of some serious weaponry of course. The mythology's moved on a tad from the previous titles, but you'll still be able to take your pick from the usual selection of mentalists ready and waiting to get out on the tracks and show off their stuff. Amongst the demented drivers on offer are: Sweet Tooth the murderous ice-cream van driving clown; Grimm, shedding his reaper status this time to take on the guise of a vengeful Vietnam vet; Dollface; Preacher; Shadow, and a whole host of other 'mentally fragile' types.

There are 20 massive areas to get around, all complete with fully interactive environments which allow you to utilise your surroundings to spectacular effect. Choose to bomb around an old abandoned drive-thru movie theatre, or test your skills in the junkyard setting. Drive through suburbs wrecking anything that gets in your way, open up new areas, and use traffic as a shield when you're fighting it out with other players.

The gameplay is essentially the same as ever - drive around shooting and attempting to blow up the enemy, equipped with an impressive array of armaments designed to obliterate all comers - whilst trying to stay alive. Amongst the goodies on offer are homing missiles, heavy explosives, and satellite-guided missiles.

Take on up to seven online opponents in a selection of modes, including Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Collector and Man Hunt. Pick on a single driver, or engage in a frenzied free-for-all - when you play TM:B Online, there's always going to be plenty of gamers out there ready to join in, whichever mode you decide to take for a spin.

If you've ever played any of the earlier Twisted Metal games, you'll no doubt be more than familiar with the macabre mechanics of whizzing around a huge track, blowing your fellow road-mates to bits. But the action is taken to a whole new level in the online arenas. Playing against real gamers, in real-time, TM:B Online is a totally new experience in auto-chaos that brings a different dimension to the traditional driving sim.

  • 20 massive areas, complete with fully interactive environments to explore and wreak havoc on
  • 15 character-based vehicles fully equipped with an impressive amount of armoury
  • Play online with up to seven opponents
  • Take your pick from a variety of gruelling modes, including Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Collector and Man Hunt



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