EyeToy: Groove

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Suitable for general audiences
Release date: 12 November 2003
Developer: SCEE
Publisher: SCEE


It's time to put on your dancing shoes, with the first EyeToy game since Play. Let the music move you!

Owners of EyeToy: Play will no doubt already be familiar with the concept of flinging themselves about their living room to a choice selection of disco beats, with party-friendly games Beat Freak and Boogie Down. The premise is a simple one: stand in front of your telly, dance like a loon and watch your family/friends/pet crack up at your attempts to set the dance floor (read: lounge rug) alight. And now with EyeToy: Groove, Studio London's latest addition to the innovative mini-cam genre, you can wow the crowds once more with more tunes, more challenges, and all-new spangly wavy hand movements.

EyeToy: Groove is a game totally dedicated to dancing, and has a line-up of popular hits as long as your dancing slacks to support those crazy hip-swivelling antics (remember, you'll need an EyeToy USB camera to play it). Floor-fillers such as Junior Senior's Move Your Feet, JXL's Little Less Conversation and Groove Armada's Superstylin' jostle for space alongside dancehall classics ABC by The Jacksons, Lets Groove by Earth Wind and Fire, and Kool & The Gang's infamous Jungle Boogie.

Gameplay-wise, the principle is similar to EyeToy: Play's dancing games; six icons appear on the screen and, whilst positioned in the centre of the screen, you must attempt to hit these spots as smiley-faced discs fly over them in time to the music. There's also a large, banana-like shape that you'll need to catch before it drifts off, and a star-lead wave manoeuvre that'll require you to 'push' the star across the screen in time with its movement. Do well, and you'll be prompted to 'Freestyle', which basically means you'll be videoed performing your baddest moves to camera for about 10 seconds. And, as this paragraph aptly shows, it's a whole lot easier to play EyeToy: Groove than to describe it. It's great fun for gatherings, and would break the ice of even the most glacial get-together - clearly an essential party purchase.


  • Choose to shake your stuff to pop classics or more contemporary offerings

  • Test your toe-tapping skills to a variety of difficulty levels, or go Dynamic and allow Groove to tailor the speed to your progress

  • Throw some shapes in Freestyle mode



Get fit with EyeToy



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