Viewtiful Joe 2

viewtiful joe 2 packshot anz
Mild violence
Release date: 1 April 2005
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom


Get back into the movies as Capcom's irrepressible celluloid superhero returns to PS2 to save the day once more.

The first bonkers installment of Viewtiful Joe saw our bold hero and his girlfriend Sylvia literally sucked into the screen at their local cinema. Using the awesome powers of special effects, Joe managed to rescue Sylvia from the evil clutches of Captain Blue, but his work is not yet done. Now the pair must battle their way through Movieworld and defeat the Black Emperor, who is harbouring classic movie bad-guy fantasies of world domination.

Joe still has the power to harness the magic of the movies and can slow down, speed up or zoom in on the action, with devastating consequences for enemies. This time Sylvia joins him as a playable character with a nifty little trick all of her own - Replay, a 'high risk, high return' move. Hit the record button, land a good attack on an enemy, then re-run the sequence for three times the punishment. Watch you don't mess up mind, or it'll be you getting punished.

  • Non-stop action, amazing special effects and a unique visual style

  • Harness the power of the movies - speed things up, slow them down or zoom in for the kill

  • Play as Joe's girlfriend Sylvia and use her unique 'Replay' ability



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