Legend of Kay

Legend of Kay packshot anz
Contains violence
Release date: 9 March 2005
Developer: JoWood
Publisher: JoWood


Ninja cats take on mighty gorilla armies in JoWooD's quirky martial arts action adventure.

On the mythical island of Peng-Lai, the evil Emperor Shun and his army of brutish gorillas have captured its peace-loving feline inhabitants. Only one cat escapes their clutches: Kay, a student of the art of ninjitsu. With his deadly martial arts skills, this plucky youngster is the last hope the island and its inhabitants have for restoring harmony.

The stage is set for an exciting action adventure game that blends elements from platformers, RPGs, and fighting games. As Kay progresses through his quest to save Peng-Lai, his skills will improve, amazing new weapons will become available to him, and he'll even be endowed with special powers. Influenced by the best martial arts movies, Legend of Kay is an accessible, highly entertaining adventure for gamers of all ages.


  • Over 50 fighting moves and 20 unique action moves

  • Wide variety of richly-detailed areas - woods, swamps, caves, mountain tops, and more

  • 30 different enemies and numerous huge bosses




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