Alien Hominid

alien hominid packshot anz
Contains violence
Release date: 1 June 2005
Developer: ZOO Digital Publishing
Publisher: Zoo Software


The beady-eyed yellow alien strikes a blow for the Area 51 UFO Liberation Front.

Evolved from the immensely popular freebie internet game, Alien Hominid on PS2 expands the addictive, hand-drawn, 2D scrolling shoot 'em up action of its Flash forerunner. Crash landing in front of FBI headquarters our cute three toothed, green gun wielding star barely manages to escape the US authorities with his alien hide intact. Facing dissection if caught, the only option is to break into Area 51 and get back his 'wheels'.

Alien Hominid takes the classic 2D scrolling shoot-em' up and turns it into something for the new millennium. Smooth, hand drawn animations and backdrops give the game a vivid graffiti-like quality that is immediately captivating. Proving to be an excellent vehicle for the superbly fun and 100 percent addictive gameplay.

Exclusive to Europe, Alien Hominid includes a mad-cap PDA mini-puzzle game and multiplayer button basher 'All you can eat'.

The European release also features a replay function that enables the completists among you to revisit any point of a past level and pickup the action from that point.


  • Off-the-wall hand drawn graphics compliment the 2D scrolling shoot-em' up action

  • Get a friend to join the cosmic carnage in the co-op mode

  • Customise your character with insane hats and other accoutrements

  • Extra features cover two great mini-games, plus level editor

  • Déjà vu replay feature allows you to return to the action at any point




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