True Crime: New York City

True Crime New York City packshot anz
Contains violence and offensive language.
Release date: 30 November 2005
Developer: Luxoflux
Publisher: Activision


Fight fire with fire on the mean streets of the Big Apple.

The product of a life spent in the tough neighbourhoods of NYC, Marcus Reed was a consummate street thug and heir to a criminal empire - until everything changed with a failed attempt on his incarcerated father's life. Taken under the wing of Detective Terry Higgins, Reed sets out to rule NYC from the other side of the law. Blood is never far away, however, as his mentor's murder sets him on a path into gangland territory to uncover and take down the killer.

Putting you in the sneakers of criminal-turned-cop Marcus Reed, True Crime: New York City brings a gritty tale of violence and American gang culture to PS2.


  • Explore NYC's most famous districts, from Times Square and Harlem, to Chinatown and Little Italy

  • Game environments reflect your actions - commit or let crime soar and the city will slowly decay

  • Learn five different fighting styles, or make use of anything to hand as a weapon




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