Makai Kingdom: Chronicles Of The Sacred Tome

makai kingdom packshot anz
Contains violence
Release date: 2 November 2005
Developer: KOEI


A new strategy RPG outing on PlayStation 2 from the creative talent behind Disgaea.

In an attempt to rewrite history, Lord Zetta, ruler of the netherworld, instead brought destruction upon his realm. Forced to accept the aid of three evil overlords to create a new world, Lord Zetta is now locked in brutal conflict with his 'allies' for sole dominion...

In the role of Lord Zetta, you'll command armies of determined fighters battling for control of the new netherworld. Using a new summoning system - INVITE - that brings facilities containing army units direct to the battlefield, players take on vicious demons and warriors with both modern and ancient warfare. These battles range across a variety of landscapes, with each map randomly generated to offer a new experience every time.


  • Create, grow, and govern your own netherworld kingdom

  • Summon facilities from your kingdom onto the battlefield

  • Create, customise and equip your troops for battle with modern-day and traditional weapons




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