MotoGP 07

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Suitable for general audiences
Release date: 26 October 2007
Developer: Milestone
Publisher: Capcom


MotoGP 07 on PS2 is Capcom's first game in the critically acclaimed MotoGP series.

Saddle up in the official game of the fastest, most thrilling racing event in the world: MotoGP 07 on PlayStation 2 is the official game of the Championships including all the official riders, tracks, teams and bikes of the MotoGP events.

Bike racing is a unique experience where nothing but your helmet and leather suit protects you from the breakneck speeds and high risks of the tarmac. Forget the safe environment of a car; on your bike you can experience the raw sensations of insanely high speeds, inches from the track.

Can you tame the beast in front of packed grandstands with worldwide TV coverage?

  • New improved handling for all skill levels.
  • Experience the adrenaline of all-out motorbike racing.
  • Gravity defying cornering, thrilling overtaking manoeuvres.


Losing your training wheels

Capcom takes up the racing gauntlet with MotoGP 07 on PS2.

Challenging for both the novice and expert, MotoGP 07 provides one of the most realistic two-wheeled racing simulations on PlayStation 2. Featuring all of the talent and circuits from the 2007 season, you can race as or take on Casey Stoner, the 2007 World Champion who stormed to victory for Ducati. Practice and dedication, like the sport itself, are the watchwords of any MotoGP game and Capcom's first offering is no exception.

Supporting three handling models from arcade to simulation, there is a level of play to suit all abilities. Riding aids, the MotoGP equivalent of training wheels, will be of welcome assistance to the newcomer, while more experienced racers have the option to independently control gear changes, front and rear braking, and rider positioning. The difference between manufacturers can be felt in the handling of the bikes, with some providing a slightly better sense of stability or acceleration than others. However, when talking about bikes as highly tuned as this, the differences are slight.

With tracks designed around their real world counterparts, the racing action takes place on circuits with thrilling hairpin bends, sweeping corners and straights, where speeds in excess of 320kph are easily achievable. Aside from getting to grips with the handling of your chosen bike, to master MotoGP you will need to learn these circuits like the back of your hand, discovering and fighting to keep the racing line while being pressed by your competitors. From the A-Style Grand Prix of Japan to the Nickel & Dime British Grand Prix, each track will present a new challenge to overcome.

As well as modifying your handling, there are four levels to which you can set the AI of your racing opponents, from Easy to Champion, to create an experience balanced to your riding tastes. This is comforting for the novice who doesn't want to be left ticking over as Stoner, Melandri, Pedrosa, de Puniet or Rossi roar off into the distance.

All of the classic race modes you would expect are present, including Quick Race, Time Attack, Championship and Multiplayer, the latter letting you take on a friend in the former three modes. The final mode is Challenges, 100 tests of your skill, which can range from slaloming between obstacles to winning the Championship.

MotoGP 07 will be a delight for enthusiasts of the sport who have ever wanted to take on their racing heroes; pitched at various levels of ability it can be played as a solid arcade racer or as an in-depth simulation of the sport. For racing genre fans, the move from the traditional four wheels to two will be a breath of fresh air.



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