PlayStation®Move shooting attachment

Release date: October 2010

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PlayStation 3

Enhance your arcade shooter experience on PlayStation 3.

  • Attaches to the PlayStation Move motion controller while keeping all necessary buttons fully accessible during gameplay.
  • Lightweight and simple to use, the shooting attachment requires no batteries or leads, leaving you unrestricted during gameplay.
  • For use with a range of PS3 shooting titles compatible with PlayStation Move.



Modern Combat: Domination

Modern Combat: Domination

Discover a unique first person shooter that utilises the PlayStation Move motion controller for unprecedented immersion in combat.

  • Square off in 16 player battles across six different modes including classics like Capture the Flag, alongside innovative modes such as Extraction or Escort.
  • Rise through the ranks by completing missions and eliminating adversaries to unlock new equipment and rule the leaderboards.
  • Move, shoot and perform melee attacks using the motion controller for an engaging experience packed with tension, fun and memorable moments.
Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Prepare your PlayStation Move motion controller for combat as you destroy everything in sight.

  • Wage war in single player Story Mode and three multiplayer modes: Arcade, Sentry and Online Battle Mode, the first time in the Time Crisis series that up to eight players from around the world can engage in multiple online battles.
  • Obliterate anything that gets in your way in the first Time Crisis game to have fully destructible environments.
  • Never tire of battle with an array of futuristic weaponry including the cluster shot, rocket launcher and sniper rifle.
  • Featuring two bonus game experiences: Deadstorm Pirates, in which you take to the seas and battle rebel pirates and monsters, and Time Crisis 4 - Arcade, the arcade mode from Time Crisis 4, both with full PlayStation Move support.
The Shoot

The Shoot

See your name in lights as you inflict mass destruction on a variety of action movie sets.

  • Experience an all-action shooter that challenges you to aim, fire and take down uniquely themed enemies using the PlayStation Move motion controller.
  • Impress the Director and the critics to land more roles and have a shot at becoming the ultimate action movie star.
  • Put yourself at the heart of the action on five themed sets using the PlayStation Move shooting attachment.
  • Team up with a friend, or go head to head to find out who's the biggest action hero star.

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