Armored Core® 4

Armored Core 4 ANZ pack
Mild violence
Release date: 22 June 2007
Developer: From Software
Publisher: 505 Gamestreet


Enormous robots do battle on PlayStation®3.

The latest version of the mech-battling action simulation, Armored Core 4 brings huge robots crashing onto PS3 in stunning detail. Customise your mech's abilities, weapons and armour and take it into battle in a variety of stunningly rendered environments.

Astounding visuals bring the mechs to life like never before, as huge battles take place in environments that are more interactive than ever. Strategy is more involved too, with a wealth of customisation options allowing players to set their mech up to suit their playing style.

  • The popular mech-battling simulation makes its PlayStation 3 debut
  • Customise your mech and take it into battle in graphically stunning arenas
  • Supports online play for fast-paced multiplayer matches



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