Release date: 11 December 2009

Publisher: SCEE

Enjoy thousands of music videos completely free on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 with VidZone.

Download the VidZone application for free from PlayStation Store and stream thousands of music videos straight to your PS3 and PS4.

Search for your favourite music videos or compile personalised video playlists. There's no limit to how many playlists you can create, be it a party soundtrack or your favourite band's greatest hits.

Find the music that suits you and choose from a huge selection of themed Zones where you'll discover thousands of music videos – whether it's the Hip-Hop Zone, Metal Zone, Pop Zone or Rock Zone - there's something for all music tastes.

Get all the music videos you love in one place by creating your very own personal library in My Zone. It's your own music video TV channel whenever you want it.

VidZone is updated constantly, so you'll always have access to the latest music videos, as well as all time classics. The best bit is it's totally free.

  • Choose from thousands of music videos and stream them in stunning quality on your PS3 and PS4.
  • Create unlimited playlists and build a library of your favourite music videos in My Zone.
  • Watch hundreds of VidZone TV channels and let the videos roll.
  • Let your friends know which videos you love by recommending your favourites via Facebook.
  • Generate automatic playlists with V:Mix.



Contact VidZone using the following email addresses: (VidZone Problems), (Labels), (Press), (Music Requests).

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