Go! Puzzle™

Go! Puzzle Packshot
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Release date: 1 June 2007
Publisher: SCEE


Prove your skills against your peers in three original and addictive games.

Easy to play but tricky to master, Go! Puzzle is three addictive games in one, each with its own online gaming options and high score leaderboard.

It's a race against time to clear the screen of sinking mines in Go! Puzzle Aquatica, while Go! Puzzle Swizzle Blocks sees you rotating multi-coloured squares into adjoining positions in order to blow them up – and earn as many points as you can. Then there's Go! Puzzle Skyscraper, where guiding your character up the towers to success requires quick thinking and a few leaps of faith.

Fantastically involving, simple to control and boasting nearly fifteen gaming modes in total – including single player challenges, head-to-head battles and online free-for-alls – Go! Puzzle promises untold hours of fun for players of all ages.

This title is exclusive to the PlayStation®Network and available for download to your PlayStation®3 via the PlayStation®Store.



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