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Release date: 13 December 2007
Developer: SCE Japan Studio
Publisher: SCEE


Play Mother to a brood of adorable feathered friends.

Piyotama is the utterly addictive puzzler which takes you into the forest home of the Piyos, lovable little birds with a taste for fun. Hatched from eggs by Mother Piyo, they are colourful and extremely cute – but there are too many of them.

Your job is to help Mother Piyo make space in her nest box by lining up eggs of the same colour. This makes them hatch, sending tiny Piyo chicks flapping off to make room for new arrivals. You'll have to be quick to succeed, however: more eggs are always being laid, and if the nest fills up, Mother Piyo will not be pleased!

Featuring a two player battle mode and online leaderboards, Piyotama is endlessly entertaining fun for all ages. Download it today, and do your bit for Piyo conservation.

  • Play Limited mode and achieve the highest score possible in a specified time limit
  • Play for as long as you want in Endless mode
  • Choose one of four colourful locations: Standard, Beach, Halloween or Christmas

Note: The in-game text in Piyotama is displayed in English only.


A bird in the hand

Chicks, eggs and lots of colours - welcome to the fair feathered land of Piyotama. Do you have the nesting instinct required to help Mother Piyo's foul predicament?

Laying eggs is hard work - just ask Mother Piyo, the parental hen who rules the roost in Piyotama, a downloadable puzzle game hatched from the ever expanding library of PlayStation®Network titles. Poor Mother Piyo has a slight problem in there being too many of her loveable and extremely colourful (if slightly strange looking) birds, Piyos. With her nest box being too small to house them all, it's your job to line up the falling unhatched eggs by colour. When a group of four or more of them match in a row the little Piyo chicks inside hatch and fly the coop.

This would be simple if Mother Piyo wasn't laying eggs at an increasingly hasty rate, meaning you're left to deal with the stress of a steadily filling nest and lots of multi-coloured eggs all needing to be matched as the pressure mounts...

The lay of the land

Piyotama is the sort of game which will likely raise a few eyebrows on first appearances. Partly because of its colourful and unashamedly bizarre presentation which is wonderfully cute yet mildly eccentric - the Piyos are chicks with the shape and colour of various fruits, which makes them adorably memorable. The other reason is because Piyotama will lure you into a false sense of security and erroneously make you think it's fairly straightforward. It's not. What it is, however, is brilliant fun for all ages that can be as complex as you want it to be.

The concept of matching coloured shapes may be something some players are used to, but the job of rotating a selection of eggs outside of the nest before you slide them back in an attempt to match them up offers a discreet yet significant change from the norm. Shuffling their order around without careful planning can swiftly result in failure and the ire of Mother Piyo, who understandably gets anxious if you're taking too long at your task.

In this hugely enjoyable game preparation is the key, as is thinking on your feet. It's not just a matter of making colours match, but also doing this frequently enough to create combos to boost your score and hopefully force a chain reaction which takes out even more eggs. You also have to keep an eye out for special eggs which give you bonuses, the most useful being one that removes all the eggs on screen of the same colour if it's included in any match - meaning skilled players can clear the whole nest in one go.

Also adding another dimension to the game is its subtle use of the SIXAXIS™ Wireless Controller's motion sensing capabilities. Tilting the controller from side to side will shake the eggs into any gaps, while vigorously shaking it will jumble up some of the higher eggs to help reorder them. If any are hatching they'll immediately crack too, which is handy if you need to speed things up as the nest gets closer to filling. The flip side to this tactic is that you'll not have the chance to make as many combos in the process, so it's all about balancing your desire for points with the need of survival.

Not an egg-asperating pun in sight

The primary colour wrapping of Piyotama makes a lovely game all the more fun, with the pleasant pencil crayon art style that adorns the backgrounds being just as nice to behold as the cheerful Piyos themselves. Being able to skin the levels with Christmas, Halloween and Beach themes makes it all the more attractive as the addictive gameplay soon mesmerises you into a "just one more game" mentality - complimented by a compelling two player battle mode and online leaderboards.

Piyotama strips away over-complication and delivers spellbindingly rewarding gameplay in its purest form. Easy to pick up and near limitless in its challenge, this is a game that has the tricky formula of instant playability well and truly cracked.



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