Hannah Montana Rock Out the Show

Release date: 23 October 2009

Publisher: Disney Interactive

Developer: Page 44

Media type:
1 - 2
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with network play features

Rock out with Hannah Montana!

  • Design your concert including stage sets, song lists, lighting and special effect
  • Customise Hannah Montana's outfits and those of her band
  • Perform in the concerts you create



What It's Like To Play

Hit the road


Hit the road

Hannah Montana fans have the chance to live out their pop star dreams with Rock Out The Show, because not only do you get to star in it as the Disney Channel's slick chick, you also get the chance to design each of Hannah Montana's spectacular rock shows.

Plus, you have the opportunity to hit the road with Hannah and her band, travelling to seven amazing locations around the world while customising your own gigs. With a huge range of options to choose from, you can craft each performance any way you want to include everything from dance routines, stage sets and mind-boggling special effects.

Become a rockstar


Become a rockstar

So, what are Hannah Montana's Rockstar Moments? Firstly, you'll have to design each one before playing a concert by adding stage lighting and special effects. Once you've done that, you then get the opportunity to pick the type of mini-game you want to play when you trigger the Rockstar Moment in the midst of a performance. Once you've selected everything you need, that will in turn appear in your performance.

Having so many options to customise your concert with makes for a huge amount of replay value in Hannah Montana Rock Out the Show. You'll never grow tried of playing to the screaming crowds as you hurl out guitar and drum solos, whilst all the amazing effects you put into place unfold on stage at the same time. For Hannah Montana fans, it really is the perfect game to live out your rock star dreams in!

The show must go on


The show must go on

Each level sees you guide Hannah through her stage show routine by following the on-screen button prompts in time with the music. Each section of the performance is broken down into mini-games for you to master, and once completed, you're again asked to follow the on-screen directions before entering another mini-game section that represents a piece of the show. These tasks range from controlling Hannah as she dances on stage using a combination of the directional buttons and the analog stick.

With the drums, you're required to tap both the L and R buttons in time to the beat, while the guitar riffs use a combination of the X, Circle, Square, Triangle and directional buttons. Lastly, playing the piano is controlled by using the X, Circle and Triangle buttons. As you match the beats with the button taps you'll see a colourful vine form around the edges of the screen before being greeting by a butterfly icon that fills with light to show you how successfully you have been performing to your fans.

In Rock Out The Show's story mode, your goal is to plan and manage the show as Hannah's father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has been taken ill. From here, you'll have to figure out what to do throughout the tour (with stops including Tokyo, Venice and Nashville) planning everything from designing the stage, deciding what outfits Hannah and her band wears on stage and, more importantly, figuring out where the Rockstar Moments take place in each performance.

Make it a special edition


Make it a special edition

Once you've designed your stage show, you have the ability to share your amazing creations with your friends and use what they have created to help you turn future performances into rocking Hannah Montana moments. Plus, with downloadable content including brand new stage props, special effects and outfits, there's plenty of room left to build brand new stage shows to show off to everyone.

Packed with addictive mini-games, a sizeable amount of customisable options, great Hannah Montana songs and seven cities for you to stage the ultimate Hannah Montana event in, Rock Out The Show packs plenty of hours of entertainment, and is perfect for fans of the smash hit Disney Channel small screen series. And if you want to go all-out, look out for the special Lilac Purple PSP-3000 which comes with a copy of Hannah Montana Rock Out the Show and the brand new colour.


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