Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

PSP Essentials: Pursuit Force Packshot
Moderate violence
Release date: 19 October 2007
Developer: Bigbig Studios
Publisher: SCEE


The chase is back on as Capital City is overrun by new criminals.

Capital City is plagued with crime once more, and there's only one solution - the Pursuit Force and its own brand of Extreme Justice. In this sequel to one of the biggest hits on PSP, new gangs are on the loose and must be stopped by any means necessary.

High-speed chases are made even more exciting by the ability to jump between vehicles at speed, and the arrival of new vehicles like gigantic tanks, trains and even aeroplane wings adds new options for the chase.

Factor in expanded multiplayer options and new gameplay features like the 'Justice Bar', which allows you to regain strength and prolong the mission, and you've got a chase that has all the excitement of the original and then some!

  • The Pursuit Force returns in this sequel to one of the biggest hits on PSP
  • Deal with new gangs, and Viper Division - a rival wing of the police force
  • Jump from vehicle to vehicle, stopping at nothing to administer Extreme Justice
  • Also available on PlayStation 2


Pursuit Force

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