Release date: 22 December 2009

For use with: PSP, PlayStation 3

Connect to PSP systems via your PS3 with this free software download from PlayStation Store.

  • adhocParty is an application that extends the PSP system's Wireless Ad Hoc Mode and lets you play multiplayer games using your PlayStation 3 system as a server to bridge the geographical divide.
  • Make the most of the Ad Hoc Mode functions in some of your favourite software titles even when none of your friends or fellow players are close by.
  • To use adhocParty, simply connect your PSP system to a broadband Internet-enabled PlayStation 3 system via a Wireless network connection, then access adhocParty to find other players who want to play the same game as you.


  • adhocParty does not support online play via Infrastructure Mode. To find out how to access a title's Infrastructure Mode functions, please refer to the software instruction manual supplied with the title. Not all titles support Infrastructure Mode.
  • adhocParty is compatible with some PSP games, available either on Universal Media Disc or as downloads from PlayStation Store, although some titles that support Ad Hoc Mode may perform differently with adhocParty or may not perform properly.
  • adhocParty is available in all countries that support PlayStation Store. The application itself supports the following languages: English.
  • Sony Entertainment Network account required. If you do not have a SEN account already, you will need to create one by using either a Wi-Fi enabled PSP or a PS3 system. You can find further details on how to create a SEN account at
  • This service is not compatible with PSP-E1000.




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Take your pick from the largest collection of FINAL FANTASY characters ever in a fighting game where players can choose their allegiance between good and evil.

  • The high quality world and gameplay mechanics of FINAL FANTASY presented in action-packed 3D environments where players can glide through the air and dash along walls
  • A mix of all-out brawling and RPG-style character development and customisation takes fighting gameplay to a new level
  • Continue the experience by trading Friend Cards, creating items and sharing characters with other players
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Adventure with up to three friends as Japan's most successful PSP title, Monster Hunter Portable 2G, heads our way.

With over 500 hours of gameplay and previously unreleased monsters, weapons and missions, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is set to be the biggest game of the series so far. Via Ad Hoc Mode Wireless functionality, players can experience the social gaming phenomenon that's gripping Japan and adventure with up to three friends for a thrilling and savaging multiplayer hunting party. From devising the strategy to executing the attack, team play with your friends is key to hunting down the ferocious beasts.

Monster Hunters can prepare for the ultimate fight with more than 2, 000 armour sets, 1, 500 weapons and 400 missions to choose and customise their characters from. Throughout the strategic gameplay, players will be rewarded for their deep fighting combat sequences and tactics, encouraging them to seek out the more experienced Monster Hunters and team up in order to learn from their experience.

New to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the fully customisable AI Felyne companion who will accompany players on quests and gather extra resources for the player. PSP owners can then share their companions with other players through felyne casting, with users transferring data through the PSP system's Sleep Mode.

Also new to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the improved media install option where players can save the game to a memory stick, allowing the game to load from the memory stick and UMD simultaneously for faster loading times. Fans of the series will be able to transfer their data from Monster Hunter Freedom 2 over to the new game.

• Form a team of up to four players Ad Hoc mode and experience the multiplayer social gaming phenomenon

• The biggest Monster Hunter title to date with over 500 hours of gameplay

• Huge variety of character customisations including 1,500 weapons and 2,000 armour sets

Gran Turismo®

Gran Turismo®

The real driving simulator makes its stylish PSP debut.

  • Over 800 car models and 35 tracks
  • Mission and Arcade modes
  • Ad-hoc multiplayer racing mode and player-to-player car trading

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