An introduction to Music on PSP


Discover music controls

Find out which controls you can use when listening to music on PSP.

Music control panel

During playback, press the circle button to stop it. While music is playing, you can also control playback from the Control Panel.

1. Display the Control Panel
Press the triangle button to display the on-screen Control Panel.

2. Choose an icon.
Select an icon using the directional buttons and press the X button.

3. Exit the Control Panel.
Press the triangle or circle button to clear the Control Panel.

List of functions

[Previous Group]
Returns to the beginning of the previous Group.

[Next Group]
Skips to the beginning of the next Group.

[Previous Track]
Returns to the beginning of the track currently playing or to the beginning of the previous track.

[Next track]
Skips to the beginning of the next track.

[Fast Reverse/Fast Forward]
Plays in fast reverse/forward, as long as the X button is held down.

Plays a track.

Pauses playback.

Stops playback.

[Group Mode]
Switches to Group Mode.

[A-B Repeat]
Specifies a part of a track, and then plays that part repeatedly.

[Play Mode]
Switches the Play Mode. Each time the X button is pressed, the PSP system switches between [Repeat Track] (plays a track repeatedly), [Repeat] (plays all tracks repeatedly), [Shuffle] (plays all tracks in a random order), [Repeat and Shuffle] (plays all tracks in a random order repeatedly), and normal play.

Clears Group Mode, Play Mode and A-B Repeat settings.

Displays album name, track number and total number of tracks.

Displays the functions that can be performed using the PSP system buttons.

An introduction to Music on PSP

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Discover music controls



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