Connecting to the Internet

PS Vita

Set up a Wi-Fi connection on PS Vita

Follow our step by step guide and your PS Vita system will be online in no time.

Before you start, make sure that the access point you are using is switched on and that you have all the necessary details to connect to it such as the WEP encryption key or the WPA password.

1. Switch on your PS Vita system

Turn on your PS Vita system, tap the Settings icon on the home screen and press Start to open.

2. Go to Network

Tap [Network] and select [Wi-Fi Settings].

3. Select your Access Point

Scroll through the list and select your Access Point.

4. Enter details

Depending on which type of security your access point uses, you will need to enter the WEP encryption key or the WPA password using the on-screen keyboard.

5. Confirm details

Check the details you have entered and tap [Ok]. As long as these are correct, the [Wi-Fi Settings] screen will be displayed again and the circle to the left of the access point you are trying to connect will now be lit green.

Connecting to the Internet

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Set up a Wi-Fi connection on PS Vita



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